> GlacierExpressNewYears08

Ready for lunch on the train
These are the LOW lands :)
Getting higher
Stunning Sunshine and Snow
Straight up
We saw many people walking along these trails.
Must be heaven.
I wouldn't want to climb down from here, but those chalets look cozy.
Train Shot
Cuppa Joe
White Out
Happy Hikers
Ski trails in the distance
At the ski area, many people use sleds.
At the top with a sled
Train going around a bend.
Ski Lift going over the train.
A large village, home base for lots of skiers I'm sure.
Those dots are people cross-country skiing.
Covered Bridge
Happy to be here.
Picturesque Village
Very high bridge over the Swiss "Grand Canyon"
Frozen waterfall
Sun still hitting the peaks.
One village is named St. Niklaus. So this is where he lives :)
How the trash trucks get to the highland villages!
Zermatt, home of the Matterhorn
Zermatt, with better lighting
Had to get the Matterhorn shot!
It is much more impressive in person - ha!
Okay, time for a toddy.
Lots of foam, eh?
Great little apres-ski place.
Back in Zurich in time for midnight.
Like Hogwarts?